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A historical plaque outside Wycliffe College on Hoskins Avenue reads:

"This College was founded in 1877 to prepare men of evangelical conviction for the Anglican ministry. Four years earlier a group of Anglican clergy and laity committee to evagelical principles had formed the Church Association of the Diocese of Toronto. The Association brough a noted theologian and administrator, the Reverend James Paterson Sheraton, from Nova Scotia to establish the Protestant Episcopal Divinity School and serve as its Principal and first Professor. It opened on October 1, 1877 in St. Jame' Cathedral Schoolhouse in Toronto and in 1882 moved to a newly constructed building on College Street near the University. The school, renamed Wycliffe College in 1885 federated with the University of Toronto in 1889 and moved to its present location in 1891."

Later plans to replace the rather plain red brick Victorian structure fronting on Hoskins with a stone edifice in the Gothic style went unrealized but a hansome 1930 addition, Leonard Hall on the southwest corner, suggests what it might have looked like.


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