Wallace, Malcolm William

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Head, Department of English
Principal, University College (1928-1944)

"At the first meeting of the Combined Department of English in 1926-27 Wallace was elected chairman. He served for two years, then was succeeded for the next two by Pelham Edgar, the head at Victoria. Wallace wrote scholarly publication entitled, The Birth of Hercules: with an Introduction of the Influence of Plautus on the English Drama Literature of the 16th Century. It was published as a monogram by Scott, Forsman of Chicago shortly after his appointment to the University College staff in 1905. He also decided to expand his Ph.D. paper called The Life of Sir Phillip Sidney which was published by the Cambridge University Press in 1916. He did not publish another book until his retirement in 1944. He succeeded Alexander, William John after his retirement in 1926 as head of English at University College. His primary interest was the teaching of English as opposed to producing scholarly articles."

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