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Trinity College

The University of Trinity College was founded in 1851 by John Strachan, the first Anglican bishop of Toronto. Initially located on Queen Street West the college offered programs in law, medicine, and the arts as well as in divinity. It became federated with the University of Toronto in 1904. The main building was constructed on Hoskin Avenue in 1925, designed in collegiate Gothic style by Frank Darling and John A. Pearson. An elegant chapel was added in 1955. A north wing was added in 1961 finally realizing the original plan for an enclosed quadrangle. Additional accommodation for a student commons including a cafeteria was provided in 1961 with the construction of the Gerald Larkin Academic Building northwest of the main Trinity College building. In 1979 a large 180 seat theatre was added fronting on Devonshire Place and named after George Ignatieff, the former Canadian diplomat who served as the Provost of Trinity College from 1972 to 1978.

Trinity College offers specific programs which are open to students in the Faculty of Arts and Science such as Ethics, Society and Law, Immunology and International Relations.


Sir John Beverley Robinson (1852-1863)

The Hon. John Hillyard Cameron (1863-1877)

The Hon. George William Allan (1877-1901)

Christopher Robinson (1902-1905)

John Austin Worrell (1914-1927)

Gerard B. Strathy (1954-1963)

Richard C. Berkinshaw (1964-1970)

The Most Rev'd Howard H. Clarke (1971-1982)

The Rt Rev'd Robert L. Seaborn (1982-1990)

The Rt Rev'd John C. Bothwell (1991-2003)

The Hon. Michael Wilson (2003-2007)

The Hon. Bill Graham (2007-present)


George Whitaker (1851-1881)

Charles W.E. Body (1881-1894)

Edward A. Welch (1895-1899)

Thomas C.S. Macklem (1900-1921)

Charles A. Seager (1921-1926)

Francis H. Cosgrave (1926-1945)

Reginald S.K. Seeley (1945-1957)

Derwyn R.G. Owen (1957-1972)

George Ignatieff (1972-1978)

F. Kenneth Hare (1979-1986)

Robert H. Painter (1986-1996)

William Thomas Delworth (1996-2002)

Margaret Olwen MacMillan (2002-2007)

Andy Orchard (2007-present)


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