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St. Hilda's was established in 1890 to provide, in affiliation with Trinity College, higher education for women. Its present home on Devonshire place was built in 1938, expanded in 1960 and again in 1982 when the south wing was added. A large theatre, Cartwright Hall is heavily used for lectures. The building is mainly used as a student residence as St. Hilda's College now exists for mainly administrative purposes. Since 2005 the residence has been open to both men and women and accommodates over 200 students.

A historical plaque on a building which formerly housed St. Hilda's College near Trinity-Bellwoods Park reads as follows:

"St. Hilda's was founded in 1888 as a women's college affiliated with the University of Trinity College. Opportunities at that time for a higher education for women in Canada were few. Located first on Euclid Avenue and then Shaw Street, St. Hilda's moved in 1899 to this building designed by Eden Smith on the Trinity campus. Initially St. Hilda's students took separate pass lectures, but in 1894 all Trinity classes were opened to women. St. Hilda's nevertheless continued to maintain its own distinct traditions and activities. The University of Trinity College federated with the University of Toronto in 1904, and in 1925 Trinity and St. Hilda's moved to the Queen's Park campus."

Cartwright Hall