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School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies (est. 1922)

The School of Graduate Studies of the University of Toronto is in charge of all the graduate studies in the university. It also works to effectively establish and implement appropriate regulations and operating procedures for admissions, programs of study, and completion of degree requirements. It is under the direct supervision of the Council and is divided into 4 divisions: Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences. All the graduate degree programs belong to one of the divisions and each graduate student is enrolled in one of the graduate departments.

Master's degrees were first awarded in 1843; the first PhD degree was offered in 1897. A Board of Graduate Studies was established in 1915, leading to the establishment of the School of Graduate Studies in 1922 with its own Council, Dean, and Secretary.

SGS held jurisdiction over graduate degrees and courses of graduate instruction in all faculties of the University. In 1922, SGS enrolled 300 students. Today, there are 13,500 graduate students registered in approximately 100 graduate degree programs. Approximately half of those degree programs are professional master’s programs; the other half are doctoral stream master’s and PhD programs.

In 1965 the School was reorganized and expanded. Today it comprises about 80 departments, centres, and institutes, offering approximately 150 different graduate programs.

Graduate Studies in the University of Toronto. Report of the President’s Committee on the School of Graduate Studies, 1964-1965 (Laskin report)


John Leyerle

Graduate Units and Degree Programs

Adult Education and Community Development - MA, MEd, PhD

Advanced Design and Manufacturing – MEngDM

Aerospace Science and Engineering - MASc, MEng, PhD

Anthropology - MA, MSc, PhD

Applied Computing - MScAC

Architecture - MArch

Astronomy and Astrophysics - MSc, PhD

Biochemistry - MSc, PhD

Bioethics - MHSc

Biomedical Communications - MScBMC

Biomedical Engineering - MASc, PhD

Biotechnology - MBiotech

Cell and Systems Biology – MSc, PhD

Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry – MASc, MEng, PhD

Chemistry – MSc, PhD

Child Study and Education – MA

Cinema Studies – MA

Civil Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD

Classics – MA, PhD

Clinical Biomedical Engineering – MHSc

Community Health - MScCH

Centre for Comparative Literature – MA, PhD

Computer Science – MSc, PhD

Counselling Psychology - MA, MEd, EdD

Criminology – MA, Combined JD/MA, PhD

Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development - MEd, MA, PhD

Dentistry – MSc, PhD

Developmental Psychology and Education – MA, MEd, PhD

Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Philosophy

Drama – MA, PhD

East Asian Studies – MA, PhD

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – MSc, PhD

Economics – MA, Combined JD/MA, PhD, Combined JD/PhD

Educational Administration – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD

Electrical and Computer Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD

Elementary and Secondary Education - MT

English – MA, Combined JD/MA, PhD

Environmental Science – MEnvSc, PhD

European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies – MA, JD/MA

Exercise Sciences – MSc, PhD

Financial Economics – MFE

Forest Conservation – MFC

Forestry – MScF, PhD

French Language and Literature – MA, PhD

Genetic Counselling - MSc

Geography – MA, MSc, PhD

Geology – MASc, MSc, PhD

German Literature, Culture and Theory – MA, PhD

Global Affairs – MGA

Health Administration – MHSc, Combined MHSc/MN, Combined MHSc/MSW

Health Informatics – MHI

Health Policy, Management and Evaluation – MSc, PhD

Higher Education – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD

History – MA, PhD

History and Philosophy of Education – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD

History of Art – MA, PhD

Immunology – MSc, PhD

Industrial Relations and Human Resources – MIRHR, PhD

Information – MI, Combined JD/MI

Information Studies – PhD

Italian Studies – MA, PhD

Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology – MSc, PhD

Landscape Architecture - MLA


Linguistics – MA, PhD

Management - Executive Master of Business Administration - MBA

Management - Finance - MF

Management – MBA, Combined BASc/MBA, Combined JD/MBA, PhD

Management - Omnium Global Executive Master of Business Administration - MBA

Management & Professional Accounting – MMPA

Management of Innovation – MMI

Materials Science and Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD

Mathematical Finance – MMF

Mathematics – MSc, PhD

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - MASc, MEng, PhD

Medical Biophysics – MSc, PhD

Medical Radiation Science - MHSc

Medical Science - MSc, PhD

Medieval Studies – MA, PhD

Molecular Genetics – MSc, PhD

Museum Studies – MMSt

Music – MA, PhD

Music Performance – MMus, DMA

Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations – MA, PhD

Nursing Science – MN, Combined MHSc (Health Administration)/MN, PhD

Nutritional Sciences – MSc, PhD

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy – MScOT

Pharmaceutical Sciences – MSc, PhD

Pharmacology – MSc, PhD

Philosophy - MA, PhD, Combined JD/PhD

Physical Therapy – MScPT

Physics – MSc, PhD

Physiology – MSc, PhD

Planning – MScPl, PhD

Political Science – MA, Combined JD/MA, PhD, Combined JD/PhD

Psychology - MA, PhD

Public Health Sciences – MPH, MSc, MScCH, PhD

Public Policy and Governance - MPP

Rehabilitation Science – MSc, PhD

Religion – MA, PhD

School and Clinical Child Psychology – MA, PhD

Second Language Education - MEd, MA, PhD

Slavic Languages and Literatures – MA, PhD

Social Work – MSW; Combined JD/MSW; Combined MHSc/MSW; PhD

Sociology – MA, PhD

Sociology in Education – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD

Spanish – MA, PhD

Speech-Language Pathology – MHSc, MSc, PhD

Statistics – MSc, PhD

Urban Design - MUD

Urban Design Studies – MUDS

Visual Studies – MVS

Women and Gender Studies – MA

Diploma Programs

Advanced Study in Information Studies

Community Health

Investigative & Forensic Accounting

Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner

Social Service Administration

Collaborative Programs

Aboriginal Health

Addiction Studies

Aging, Palliative and Supportive Care Across the Life Course

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Ancient Greek & Roman History

Asia-Pacific Studies



Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Toxicology

Biomolecular Structure

Book History & Print Culture

Cardiovascular Sciences

Community Development

Comparative, International and Development Education

Developmental Biology

Diaspora and Transnational Studies

Dynamics of Global Change

Editing Medieval Texts

Educational Policy

Environment & Health

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Studies

Ethnic & Pluralism Studies

Genome Biology & Bioinformatics

Geology and Physics

Global Health

Health Care, Technology & Place (HCTP)

Health Services & Policy Research

International Relations

Jewish Studies

Knowledge Media Design

Management and Economics



Sexual Diversity Studies

South Asian Studies

Women and Gender Studies

Women's Health

Workplace Learning & Social Change