Ryerson, Egerton

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Upper Canada Academy

President, Board of Education (Upper Canada)

Archdeacon of York (1827)

First Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto (1839)

Member of Legislative Council until 1840

President of Council of King's College (resigned in 1848)
President of Victoria College

LLD St Andrew's University 1829

Egerton Ryerson was one of the key figures to identify the importance of teaching geography in Canada. He believed that traveling is the most effective way to obtain knowledge in the discipline of geography. From his Europe tour in 1843, and particularly from Horace Mann’s studies, Ryerson was inclined to improve geography studies in Upper Canada.

With the help of Ryerson, Upper Canada Academy was found in the 1830’s. It was incorporated as Victoria College in 1941 and it has been a part of the University of Toronto ever since.

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