Redcliffe, Gary

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Emmanuel College

Gary Redcliffe was a long-time member of the faculty of Emmanuel College. Born and raised in South Wooler, a farming community in eastern Ontario, he moved to Quebec at nineteen to work as a miner. After earning a B.A. from Sir George Williams University he earned three degrees from McGill University (B.D., M.A., Ph.D.). As an ordained minister he went on to serve pastoral charges in Montreal, Toronto and Saskatoon. In 1986 he began teaching at Emmanuel College as an Assistant Professor; as an Associate Professor he served as Director of Basic Degree Studies, and initiated the Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Theological Studies programs. He was also involved in planning for the Lay Certificate in Theology and the Diploma in Health Studies. Gary Redclifffe was appointed Associate Professor Emeritus in 2007. He died in 2010. From: