Ng, Roxanna

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Adult Education Community Development graduate program (OISE)

Head, Centre for Women's Studies in Education

"Roxana has been an educator, researcher with the Ontario Institute of Education for over 25 years. She has been a leader in her field and has published some of the seminal writings on
Immigrant Women, Feminism, Anti-Racism, and Embodied Learning. Through her research,
Roxana Ng has documented the experiences of Immigrant Women in Canada and the impact of
globalization on migrant and garment workers. She has presented to the City of Toronto's
former Roundtables on Access, Equity and Human Rights to provide her expertise on the
intersectionality of race, gender and class
Roxana has also dedicated her time as a tireless feminist and anti-racist activist. After
emigrating from Hong Kong to Canada in 1970, Roxana co-founded the Vancouver Women's
Research Centre. Her activism has continued throughout the years and she has been active with
a number of groups including groups of garment sewers, the Chinese Canadian National Council - Toronto Chapter, Women's Human Rights Education Institutes, the Canadian Research Institute
for the Advancement of Women, and Inter Pares, a feminist and social justice oriented
international development agency working with grassroots groups and coalitions in the economic
south. Roxana Ng is described as an extraordinary woman, a fighter, and a tireless supporter of
women's human rights." From