Nelles, Samuel S.

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Samuel Sobieski Nelles


Philosophy / Theology

Principal of Victoria College (1850)

President of Victoria College (1854-1887)

President and Chancellor of Victoria University)

Samuel Sobieski Nelles (1823–1887) was an educator and long-time academic administrator, who served various positions at Victoria College/University, Cobourg, 1850–1887. He was born in Mount Pleasant, Ontario in 1823, and received his earlier education in New York state, before spending two years at Victoria College under the tutelage of Egerton Ryerson. Following a year of home study he took his degree at the Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, 1846. After an interval of teaching and Methodist Church work he was named Principal of Victoria College in 1850, and then President in 1854, a position he held until his death in 1887. During the years 1852–1887 he was also a Professor; his titles included Professor of Mental Philosophy, with Logic, Ethics, Evidences of Religion, and Homeletics, 1856–1872. From:


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