McMurrich, James Playfair

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Biology / Anatomy

MA University of Toronto

PhD Johns Hopkins University

Professor of Biology at the Ontario Agricultural College (1882-1884)
Professor of Anatomy (1907-1930)

Professor James McMurrich graduated in 1879 before the age of 21, and collaborated with Ramsay Wright, Macallum, and J.J MacKenzie in a group of studies on catfish (Amiurus catus). Professor McMurrich was one of Ramsay Wright's first students and held several positions in large universities in the United States prior to returning to the University of Toronto as Professor of Anatomy in 1907. McMurrich was known as one of the most prominent morphologists of his time, and supervised the erection of the present Anatomy Building at the University of Toronto, which opened in 1923.

President, Royal Society of Canada

Flavelle Medal, Royal Society of Canada

Craigie, H.E. A History of the Department of Zoology of the University of Toronto. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, 1962.