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Political Economy (1892-1923)

University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh

James Mavor was William Ashley's successor at the University of Toronto at the Department of Political Economy. He was from Scotland and was a graduate from Glasgow University. Along with U of T, several other schools were forming business schools around the world following different models. Mavor followed William Ashley's model rather than the American model at U of T. As a response to the request from the Canadian Manufacturers' Association and the Toronto Board of Trade, Mavor initiated a two-year diploma course in commerce under the Department of Political Economy from 1901 to 1911.

Mavor was instrumental in assisting the emigration of the Doukhobors to Canada, and the establishment of the Royal Ontario Museum

Publications and Papers

Mavor, James. My windows on the street of the world. 1923

James Mavor Papers, Ms Coll. 119. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library


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