Macallum, Archibald Byron

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Lecturer in Biology (1883)
First Lecturer in Physiology (1887)
First Professor of Biochemistry
Agreed upon details of Ph.D. program in Oriental Studies in 1897.
Head of Physiology Department(1890)
First Chair of Department of Biochemistry (1908-1917)
FRS London

Professor Archibald Byron Macallum was the first assistant in the Department of Biology next to Ramsay Wright, who up until this point acted as the department's sole member. Macallum held a strong focus in morphological biology. His earliest publications occurred between the period of 1884-1890 and were in the area of cell morphology and physiology. In his later studies his focus began to centre around physio-chemical topics, however Macallum always felt there was strong value in the area of morphological studies.

Following his work at the University of Toronto, Macallum held a position as Chair of the Biochemistry Department at McGill University until his retirement at the age of seventy.

Physiology FRS First Chairman, National Research Council of Canada (1917)

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