Huntsman, Archibald Gowanlock

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Oceanographer and fisheries biologist
B.A. University of Toronto (1905)
M.D. University of Toronto (1907)
Lecturer (1907)
Associate Professor (1917)
President of the Royal Society of Canada (1938)
Professor (1927-1954)
Founder and First President of the Ontario Society of Biologists

Archibald Huntsman began as a lecturer in the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto in 1907. He published research which focused on ascidians (a marine invertebrate also known as a sea squirt), marine decapods and amphipods, plankton, and oceanography. In addition to these topics, Huntsman also published papers on his investigations into factors which affect the life history and migration of Atlantic salmon and herring. He taught lectures in biology while offering instruction and direction in the area of marine biology to advanced students at the University.

Huntsman devoted a great deal of time to the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, where he served as a senior member. He was active in several national and international societies and in 1938 held the position of president at the Royal Society of Canada. Huntsman also went on to be the founder and first president of the Ontario Society of Biologists.

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