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With the SCEncyclopedia, the Senior College is seeking to provide a scholarly, comprehensive, integrated, easily accessible, and continuously up-dated synopsis of the history and current status of the University of Toronto, in all of its dimensions: people; programs; disciplines, departments, colleges, centres and institutes; organizations; publications; buildings and places.

The encyclopedia will provide free and open access to all of the University’s various constituencies: faculty and staff, administrators, policy-makers, current and prospective students, alumni, professional organizations, public and private agencies and institutions, researchers, and the general public.

In filling its mandate, the encyclopedia will function under the general editorial direction of an Editorial Board.

The initial tasks of the encyclopedia will involve both (i) identifying existing sources of information on the range of topics that have been identified; and (ii) where these are inadequate, developing appropriate entries (including, as appropriate, significant documents related to the University’s history)

The ultimate goal to have the encyclopedia become the acknowledged first resource for any queries on the University’s history and present structure and composition, and the nexus for information and scholarship related to that.

The encyclopedia will have as a principal goal the fostering and facilitating of scholarship and original research on the part of both staff and students

The project should be a vehicle for promoting collaboration between the College and other individuals and units within the University, and with individuals and bodies external to the University itself (professional organizations; other postsecondary institutions; public and private agencies and NGOs; etc.) It is hoped as well that the encyclopedia might encourage similar ventures at other institutions within the Canadian university system.