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Department of History (1894-1927)

Wrong was a 1883 graduate of the University. He attended and taught at Knox College, and spent a year at Oxford. Following Daniel Wilson's death in 1892, Wrong was appointed lecturer in history. In 1894, he was appointed head.

Raised as a Methodist, Wrong later converted to Anglicanism and in 1879 entered Wycliffe College as a theology student, simultaneously enroling in the UofT, from which he graduated in 1883 with a BA in mental and moral philosophy and civil polity. Ordained as a minister, but taught at Wycliffe for nine years in ecclesiatical history and apologetics. Studied subsequenty at Berlin (1890) and Oxford (1892).

Returned in 1892 to replace Daniel Wilson, but at the rank of Lecturer for budgetary reasons. In 1894 appointed professor of history and ethnology. Remained with University 35 years. Attempted to institute Oxford tradition.

Professor and Head, Department of History, 1894-1927

1896: founded Review of Historical Publications Relating to Canada

1927: president of Canadian Historical Association

Founding member, Canadian Society for the Protection of Science and Learning


Canada and the American Revolution: The Disruption of the First British Empire.



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