Faull, J.H.

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B.A. University of Toronto (1898)
Lecturer in Botany (1902-1907)
Associate Professor of Botany (1907-1928)

Dr. J.H. Faull was born in the United States and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1898. Following graduation, Faull taught mathematics in Belleville, Ontario at Albert College, and subsequently held a fellowship at Harvard University. In 1902 Faull returned to Toronto as Lecturer and Head of the Botany Department, which existed as a sub-department of Biology at the time. He held a position as lecturer until his promotion to Associate Professor in 1907. During Dr. Faull's chairmanship in 1917, the Department of Botany gained independence from the the Department of Biology.

Dr. Faull resigned from the University of Toronto in 1928 and joined the faculty at Harvard University. He passed away in 1961 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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