Falconer, Sir Robert Alexander

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Insert non-formatted text here(1867-1943)
Religious Studies
MA Edinburgh (1889)
1907-1932 President UofT
FRSC 1916; President 1932


Falconer's first proposal as President of U of T in 1908 was to eliminate the first year of the four-year pass course in the Faculty of Arts. He viewed the first year as more secondary school than university level work and preferred to acknowledge that distinction. He proposed that this should adopted by all the universities of Ontario. by 1912 it was clear that no action would be taken on this proposal. He reintroduced the matter in 1927-1928 and limited the proposal to the question of requiring senior matriculation for admission, with the understanding that it would admit students to either a three year Pass course or a four-year honour course. The proposal was finally approved and put into effect in the 1931-32 session.

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