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     University College

     William John Alexander

     Gerald Eades Bentley Jr

     A.J. Bewell

     Claude T. Bissell

     William Hall Clawson

     Brian Corman

     Robertson William Davies

     Herbert Davis

     Jane Freeman

     James R. de Jager Jackson

     John Leyerle

     John Macdonald

     John M. Robson

     Ernest Sirluck

     A.S.P. Woodhouse

     St Michael's College

     Edmund J. McCorkell

     Donald Theall

     Victoria College

     Coburn, Kathleen

     Northrop Frye

Graduate Programs

M.A. Program

M.A. in English in the Field of Creative Writing

Ph.D. Program

Combined Juris Doctor/Master of Arts in English and Law

Collaborative Graduate Programs

Book History and Print Culture

Diaspora and Transnational Studies - M.A./PH.D.

Editing Medieval Texts

Health Care, Technology, and Place

Jewish Studies

South Asian Studies

Women and Gender Studies

Women's Health


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