Dyke, Doris Jean

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 1930 -


Feminist theology andd education

Professor Emeritus

Doris Jean Dyke was a prominent member of the Emmanuel College faculty, and a noted academic figure in the areas of feminist theogogy and education. She was born Doris Jean Scott in 1930, near Toronto. Her first career was as a teacher in Ontario. In 1959 she was graduated with a B.A. from Queen’s University, and later received a B.Ed. (!961) and M.Ed. (1963) from the University of Toronto, as well as an M.A. (1962) and Ed.D. (1967) from Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary, New York.

Her academic career began at the University of Saskatchewan in 1964, and was followed by appointments at various institutions in western Canada, the University of Louisville, Kentucky, and Dalhousie University in Halifax, where she was Professor and Dean of Education, 1973–1977. Ms. Dyke’s tenure at Emmanuel College began in 1977; she was a Professor there until her retirement in 1995, also serving as Director of Master of Religious Education (M.R.E.), 1977–1990.

As Professor Emeritus she went on to teach courses in gerontology and ministry at Emmanuel, and at Vancouver School of Theology, UBC. Throughout her career she contributed articles and reviews for academic publications, authored the book “Crucified Woman,” lectured widely, and served many organizations and committees, including acting as President of Canadian Theological Society, 1994–1995. From: http://library.vicu.utoronto.ca/archives/holdings/f2151_doris_jean_dyke/