Crofts, George

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d. 1925

Royal Ontario Museum

“In 1918, George Crofts, a British fur merchant with extensive commercial interests in Beijing and visited Toronto. In the lobby of his hotel he spotted a postcard which featured a large ceramic sculpture which he had acquired in China and sent on to a London dealer. Identified as part of the ROM's collections, Crofts promptly visited the Museum and left his card. He was contacted later that day by Dr. Currelly, now the first Director of the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology. Currelly secured the services of Crofts for the Museum and, between 1918 and 1925, Crofts sent hundreds of cases of Chinese art to Toronto. He brought the Museum its main holdings of Chinese ceramics, tomb figurines, paintings, sculpture and textiles.
Crofts' shipments continued and he sent the Museum over 150 cases filled with antiquities between June, 1919 and December. 1921. Further shipments followed over the next four years, but Crofts' contributions declined after I922 and he died several years later.”


Doctor of Laws (University of Toronto) 1922