Ching, Julia Chai-yi

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University Professor Emeritus
Religion, Philosophy, East Asian Studies (1978-2001)

Neo-Confucian philosophy of China

Member, Department of Philosophy 1995-2000
R.C. and E.Y. Lee Chair in Chinese Thought and Culture

Julia Ching was a Victoria University professor and an internationally recognized expert on neo-Confucian philosophy and religion. Born in Shanghai in 1934, she grew up there and in Hong Kong, before fleeing China during World War II. She was a student at the College of New Rochelle in New York, and then became an Ursuline nun for twenty years. She resumed her studies at the Catholic University of America (M.A.), and then at the Australian National University (Ph.D. 1972). After teaching at Columbia University (1973–1975) and Yale University (1975–1978) she joined the faculty at Victoria University in 1978, becoming a Professor of Religious Studies/Study of Religion, 1981–1995, and then a University Professor of Philosophy, 1995 until her death in 2001. Dr. Ching was very active in the academic world, publishing widely and a contributing member of many organizations; she was also in demand as a consultant and interviewee concerning news relating to China. She was survived by her husband, academic colleague Willard Oxtoby, who died in 2003. From:


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