Brown, George William

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“George Williams Brown (1894-1963), educator and editor, was born in Canada and educated there and in the United States receiving the PhD from the University of Chicago (1924). After teaching at the University of Michigan in 1924, he returned to the University of Toronto in the following year and remained with that institution in one capacity or another until his death in 1963. Brown served as editor of the ’Canadian historical review’ (1930-1946), and as the general editor of the University of Toronto Press (1946-1953). He also served as honorary editor of the Royal Society of Canada, as on the editorial committee of the Canadian Social Science Research Council. In 1959 Brown became the first editor of the ’Dictionary of Canadian biography,’ although he died prior to the publication of its first volume. Brown was also a prolific writer and the author of several books and articles dealing with Canadian history, Canadian-American relations and Canada’s role in the world. Among his titles were, ’Readings in Canadian history,’(1941), ’Building the Canadian nation,’ (1942) and ’Canada,’ (1950), for which he served as general editor. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1945.”