Board of Governors

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"Board of Governors was established in 1906 following the implementation of the University of Toronto Act, 1906 and the bicameral system of governance. It was responsible for the “government, conduct, management and control of the University and of University College, and of the property, revenues, business and affairs,…”. Prior to 1906 the financial and administrative activities of the University were overseen by, first, the University of King’s College council (1827-1850), the Senate (1850-1866), then by the Finance Committee of the Senate (1866-1878), the Board of Management (1878-1884), and the Board of Trustees (i.e. 1884-1906). The Board of Governors was merged with the Senate in July, 1972 following the passing of the University of Toronto Act of 1971 and the establishment of a unicameral system of governance."


Byron Edmund Walker (1910-1923)