Bensley, Robert Russell

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Assistant Demonstrator (1892-1899)
Demonstrator (1899-1901)

Robert Russell Bensley became Assistant Demonstrator at the University of Toronto in 1892 after he had graduated from medicine. During his time as both an Assistant Demonstrator and a Demonstrator at the University, he practised medicine to keep his finances afloat. He lectured in the areas of botany, invertebrate zoology, comparative vertebrate anatomy, human gross anatomy, and histology. In 1898 he founded the Marine Biological Laboratory in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. He also designed a built a fresh-water lab in Georgian Bay at the request of the Canadian Government in 1901. Dr. Bensley left the University of Toronto in 1901 to join the Anatomy Department at the University of Chicago until his retirement in 1907.

Robert Russell Bensley was brothers with Benjamin Arthur Bensley, who was also a significant figure in the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto.

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