Banting and Best Diabetes Centre

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Banting and Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC) developed as an Extra-Department Unit of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. Since its establishment in 1978, BBDC took on the goal of progressing in diabetic research, educational programs, and patient care. The first director of BBDC, Dr. Edward A. Sellers, was a close friend of Dr. Charles Best. Current director of BBDC is Dr. Daniel J. Drucker. Every year, BBDC offers supports in the form of scholarships and fellowships to individuals researching on diabetes at the University of Toronto. Membership to BBDC is determined by one’s affiliation with University of Toronto and the involvement in diabetic research. The administration of BBDC consists of an Executive Committee, Research Committee and Diabetes Care & Patients Committee. The role of Research Committee is to suggest new research initiatives and execute scientific research review. Diabetes Care & Patients Committee takes on the role of setting standards and improvements in diabetic patient care and communicates any advancement to health care workers. To provide technical services and support for the diabetic research teams at the University of Toronto, BBDC created Laboratory Core in 1984. The services include providing and developing assays such as Human Leptin ELISA for the diabetic researchers. The current director of BBDC Laboratory Core is Dr. George Fantus. BBDC publishes a guide for diabetes management called Approach to the Management of Diabetes mellitus that outlines concepts, standard patients care and diabetic management strategies used by health care professionals. -- BJ