Bagnani, Gilbert

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(26 April1900- 10 May 1985)


Gilbert Bagnani was born in Rome to an Italian father (General Ugo Bagnani) and a Canadian mother (Florence Dewar, of Cobourg, Ontario). Following service in the Italian army during World War I, Bagnani completed a doctorate at the University of Rome, after which he studied at the Italian School of Archaeology in Athens. This was followed by several years of work with the Royal Archaeological Mission to Egypt, until 1937, when he and his wife (Mary Augusta Stewart Houston, of Toronto) left Italy because of the rising tide of fascism, and moved to Port Hope, Ontario. Bagnani began teaching ancient history at the University of Toronto in 1945, becoming a Full Professor in 1958 until his retirement in 1965. For the ensuing decade, until 1975, Bagnani taught at Trent University, in the area of ancient history.

During his time in Toronto, Bagnani was a founding member and president of the Oriental Club of Toronto.


LLD Trent University 1971


Bagnani, Gilbert. Arbiter of elegance: A study of the life and times of C. Petronius. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1954.