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Mechanical Engineering

Robert W. Angus

Appointed as Teaching Fellow in Ontario School of Practical Science (Electrical Engineering) in 1897; 1907: appointed first Professor (and Head) of Mechaanical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

Responsible for coordination of the planning and instalation for new Mechanical Engineering laboratory (Thermodynamics Building) in 1909. Involved (with J.H. Parkin in early aerodynamic research in newly established (1917) Department of Aerodynamics. Under the aegis of the Faculty's School of Engineering Research, he conducted war-time research on the insulation qualities of various building materials, and later in steam-flow through orifaces.

Worked in 1934 in establishment of the "graduating department" (i.e., a course of studies not involving faculty appointments per se) of Engineering Physics. 

Retired 1944.


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