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The Senior College Encyclopedia


A History of the University of Toronto and of its role in the Development of Higher Education in Canada

The Senior College Encyclopedia was established in 2009 with the goal of presenting a comprehensive overview of the historical development and present character of the University of Toronto, and exploring the contribution the University has had in the development of higher education in Canada as a whole. Because of its historical position as the nation’s leading research and graduate institution, the University of Toronto has played a unique role in the fostering of the country’s postsecondary programs, and in the development of the nation’s scholarly infrastructure – from the initiation of academic associations and publications, to the fostering of research programs and networks. It is our hope that this initial exploration of program and institutional development will encourage similar undertakings elsewhere in the country. By its nature, a project of this sort is in a constant state of change and growth, as additional material is added and new links and relationships identified. By its nature as well, a project of this sort depends for that growth and development on involvement and contributions from all of its various communities. Visitors to the encyclopedia are invited to explore its contents (either through a particular topic inquiry using the Search Box to the left; or through a broader examination of the range of topics included in the encyclopedia, though the A-Z Index (below).

We invite readers to consider contributing overview articles of approximately 250 -500 words or so on topics of which they have personal knowledge, or for which they have original material relevant to the history or present status of the University of Toronto. Instructions for such contributions are indicated below. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please send an email to: <>

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